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  • What is the AMA?
    The American Marketing Association is a national organization dedicated to providing resources for career development and success to the marketing community accross professional and collegiate chapters. The Liberty University American Marketing Association is a recognized chapter of the National American Marketing Association. Under supervision from the faculty sponsor, Dr. Chris Huseman, the LU AMA chiapter s operated by students in the marketing profession.
  • What does the AMA offer?
    The American Marketing Association connects current and upcoming marketing professionals with a plethera of resources to develop their career. Training, webinars, publications, and competitions are among the few opportunities the American Association offers to students and faculty. For more information on AMA opportunities, visist the AMA National Organizaion. The LU AMA chapter offers regular learning opportunities through our formal meetings, notable guest speakers from around the country, opportunities to participate in national case competitions and much more. Check out our About Us page to learn more about our opportunities for you!
  • How do I get involved?
    To become a member of the American Marketing Association, secure your membership here!
  • How do I stay updated about LU AMA?
    Get the latest updates about meetings, events, and more from AMA on our Facebook and Instagram!
  • What do I need to know about meetings?
    Meetings are held weekly on Tuesdays from 5:30-6:30 PM in the Center of Entrepreneurship located in the School of Business (SOBUSI Room 1600). Often, leading marketing professionals are brought in as guest speakers to share their career experience, network with students, and answer questions. Professional dress is NOT required unless otherwise stated (head shots and LU AMA chapter events, for example). Students are free to take notes on their laptops, notepads, etc. during the meeting.
  • Can I complete my CSER Hours through the LU AMA?
    Officers and members of the LU AMA chapter can fulfill their CSER required hours via service to the chapter. Up to five hours can be accumulated attending meetings. The remaining 15 hours must be made up of service for the club outside of the normal meetings. Special projects can be assigned by Dr. Huseman, who oversees and approves all CSER opportunities and fulfillment. Individual plans and request for CSER hours through the AMA chapter must be submitted to Dr. Huseman no later than the first week of each semester. You and Dr. Huseman will review the plan if approved and ensure you are oriented to understand your role, service obligations, accountability and reporting. Student Clubs (per Jessica West via email 8/28/2020) CSER is available through student clubs who are approved by LU Serve. Approved student clubs will be given a pre-approved CSER code (e.g. Circle “K” Club: CSER 533-001). The CSER supervisor must be the club's faculty or staff advisor of record. Students must register the club advisor's name as their CSER supervisor. Club officers may earn CSER credit under the following guidelines: The officer must serve at least 15 of 20 hours either through fulfilling their officer role, mentoring club members, or through service engagement to the community. A maximum of five hours of club meetings may count toward CSER credit. Club members may earn CSER credit under the following guidelines: The club is an approved CSER organization with a unique code (e.g. Circle “K” Club: CSER 533-001). The club member must serve at least 15 of 20 hours through service engagement to the community. A maximum of five hours of club meetings may count toward CSER credit. If you ever have any questions about what counts and doesn’t count for CSER, please contact Tim Yonts at 434-582-8959 or
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