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Our Team.

2023-2024 OFFICERS

Looking for an opportunity to serve in a leadership capacity?  Contact Dr. Huseman and let him know your interest!  We are looking for officers for the 2023-2024 academic year!


Cailey Ridge_edited.jpg
Cailey Ridge

My name is Cailey Ridge and I am originally from Collegeville Pennsylvania. I am a Junior studying Business Marketing with a cognate in marketing.

I hope to use my skills to work in a marketing department at a pharmaceutical company following graduation.


I chose to be a part of AMA because it allows me to connect with students and faculty within the business school who share similar goals in the business marketing world. Also to make connections in the business world. 

Madison Haney
Vice President

I am from Greenville, South Carolina. I am a senior studying Business Administration with a focus in Marketing and Professional Selling. I hope to become a part of the real estate industry following my graduation in May. 


I chose to become a part of AMA for several reasons. It is a great way to expand your network of connections, whether that be the speakers or fellow student members. In addition, the knowledge the speakers have to offer has taught me how to stand out and market myself better as I prepare to join the business industry following graduation!

Ben Anderson_edited.jpg
Ben Anderson
Vice President of Operations

MAJOR: BS: Business Administration: Marketing: Sales Management and Professional Selling

YEAR: Sophomore

CAREER INTEREST: Small Business Owner or Sales Manager 


My name is Benjamin Anderson and I am from Austin, Texas. I joined the AMA at Liberty in order to learn and expand my knowledge as well as marketing connections. After graduation I plan to start my own company that will aim to provide customized home services. In my free time I enjoy cleaning and exploring with my 4-year-old Golden-doodle, Harvey.

Elizabeth Lovallo
Vice President of Graphic Design

Hello! My name is Elizabeth Lovallo and I am from West Haven, Connecticut. I am a senior majoring in graphic design with minors in journalism and studio art.


I joined AMA to be a part of a group with similar interests and to expand my connections. Learning from the various guests that come to speak for our group has helped me to learn new ways that I can grow as a designer In an evolving world!

Courtney Stone
Vice President of Social Media

Hello, my name is Courtney Stone, and I’m from Chandler, Arizona. I am a Business Administration: Digital Marketing and Advertising major with minors in Graphic Design and Biblical Studies. I hope to work for an advertising agency or nonprofit after I graduate. 


I enjoy being a part of AMA because of how I have been able to learn what marketing really looks like in the real world and for the connections I have been able to make. 

Screenshot 2021-02-16 085526.png
Chloe Mack
Vice President of Website Development

I am from Ocean City, NJ and am pursuing a degree in Business Administration and Digital Marketing. I hope to pursue a career in video or event marketing post-graduation. I am involved with Young Life as a leader at Amherst County High School, I enjoy running and racing, and I like climbing and hiking outdoors. 

I wanted to be the Director of Web Development because I believe that a good organization should have an appealing and resourceful website for its customers and members. 

Cara Moyer
Director of Operations

I am from Harleysville, Pennsylvania, and I am currently a junior studying Business Admin with a cognate in Marketing and Advertising. I hope to further my career in the marketing industry after graduation. 


I chose to be a part of AMA because it allows countless opportunities to make connections with fellow students and faculty within the business field. 

Emely Gomez
Director of Membership

My name is Emely Gomez, and I am from Henderson, Texas. I am a junior majoring in Business Administration: Digital Marketing and Advertising. I hope to work within Sports marketing following graduation. 


 I chose to be a part of the AMA to learn from other speakers about marketing and networking and make connections with those in the business and marketing field.

Screenshot 2021-02-16 085526.png
Director of Finance and Fundraising

Coming soon

Mackenzee Holloway_edited.jpg
Mackenzee Holloway
Past VP of Graphic Design

My name is Mackenzee Holloway, I am from Omaha Nebraska, and am currently a junior attending Liberty University. I am studying graphic design and business with the hopes of going into the advertising industry.


Whether that means working for a small business or an advertising agency.


Outside of school and work, I enjoy golfing, hiking, and painting in my free time. 


General Officer Policies effective for 2021-2022 and beyond

Minimum roles of executive positions for the LU American Marketing Association collegiate Chapter is president, vice-president, secretary and treasurer.  Executive officer positions are restricted to students enrolled in marketing and/or sales majors in the LU School of Business.  Students serving as President, Vice President or any Vice President specific role should not be serving as an officer in another club or organization.

An official appointment of officers will be held the second Tuesday following the first week of classes.  Dr. Huseman, the LU AMA chapter advisor, oversees the appointment process.  It is our intention to have incoming officers appointed by April of the previous school year if not sooner.  

In addition to the above, the role of president is filled by a student of senior status.  The role of vice-president is held by a student of junior status.  The person filling the vice president role in their junior year should have aspirations to fill the role of the president in the following year.  This is done so a learning and mentoring opportunity can ensure the smooth transition of roles from year to year.  The role of secretary and treasurer should be maintained by students of Junior to Senior status.  

As the needs of the club grows, additional executive positions will exist.  Executive positions are referred to as "Vice President" with several such roles also having a supportive mentoring role of "Director".  For example, the Vice President of Communications can oversee a mentee role of Director of Communications.  Any Vice President role as such should be held by a student of senior status while a Director role should be held by a student of Junior status.  

Officers and members of the LU AMA chapter can fulfill their CSER required hours via service to the chapter.  Up to five hours can be accumulated attending meetings.  The remaining 15 hours must be made up of service for the club outside of the normal meetings.  Special projects can be assigned by Dr. Huseman, who oversees and approves all CSER opportunities and fulfillment.  Individual plans and request for CSER hours through the AMA chapter must be submitted to Dr. Huseman no later than the first week of each semester.  You and Dr. Huseman will review the plan if approved and ensure you are oriented to understand your role, service obligations, accountability and reporting. 

 Student Clubs (per Jessica West via email 8/28/2020)

1.       CSER is available through student clubs who are approved by LU Serve. Approved student clubs will be given a pre-approved CSER code (e.g. Circle “K” Club: CSER 533-001).


2.       The CSER supervisor must be the club's faculty or staff advisor of record. Students must register the club advisor's name as their CSER supervisor.


3.       Club officers may earn CSER credit under the following guidelines:

·         The officer must serve at least 15 of 20 hours either through fulfilling their officer role, mentoring club members, or through service engagement to the community. A maximum of five hours of club meetings may count toward CSER credit.


4.       Club members may earn CSER credit under the following guidelines:

·         The club is an approved CSER organization with a unique code (e.g. Circle “K” Club: CSER 533-001).

·         The club member must serve at least 15 of 20 hours through service engagement to the community. A maximum of five hours of club meetings may count toward CSER credit.


If you ever have any questions about what counts and doesn’t count for CSER, please contact Tim Yonts at 434-582-8959 or

CSER Hours

2021-2022 OFFICERS

President - Alexander Tyson

Vice President - Olivia Clapper

VP of Sales and Fundraising - Jake Hammond

Director of Sales and Fundraising - Caden Mumford

VP of Social Media - Hannah Anderson

Director of Social Media - Kelsey Bagg

VP of Graphic Design - Mackenzee Halloway

VP of Communications - Jade Marquez

Director of Communications - Faith Lang

VP of Membership - Zach Hill

VP of Public Relations - Danielle Scapin

Director of Public Relations - Cailey Ridge

VP of Competitions - CJ Simmons

VP of Operations - Rachel Pruski

Director of Operations - Ben Anderson

2020-2021 OFFICERS

2019-2020 Past Officers

Screen Shot 2020-01-22 at 1.45.53 PM.jpe
Linked in Profile.jpg
Katie Paskel
Mali Palazzi
Vice President
Rachel Stewart
VP of Communications
Rachel Baker
VP of Operations
Rachel Afolabi
Communications Intern
Thomas Johnson
VP of Membership
Darron Jones
Membership Intern
Brita Andersen
VP of Social Media
Nikole McClure
Social Media Intern
Sandy Sappington
VP of Graphic Design
Johnathan Dean
VP of Analytics
Noah Lacourse
Analytics Intern
Adriel Elongo
VP of Fundraising
Jonathan Bedillion
Operations Intern
Mackenzee Holloway
Graphic Design Intern
Joshua Guerra
VP of Sales

2018-2019 Past Officers

2017-2018 Past Officers

President - Wren Martin

Executive Vice President - Kaitlyn Paskel

Rachel Baker, Sarah Caldwell, Maria Alice Correia Palazzi, Hannah Culliton, Joshua Hebert, Emma Huxster, Sofia Mendoza, Mark Noe, Savannah, Perry, Jessie Poole, Nate Steigert

President - Mark Whitten

Executive Vice President - Morgan Swartley

Vice President of Operations - Wren Martin

Vice President of Communications - Sarah Caldwell

Vice President of Social Media - Taylor McGee

Vice President of Fundraising - Emma Huxster

Vice President of Graphic Design - Savannah Perry

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