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Let the Marketing Madness Begin

In just under two weeks, students will make Liberty University their home away from home again. This is such an exciting time as new faces are seen, friendships are forged and the awareness of new professional passions become more evident. This is a time when the madness of marketing gets to be taught.

I say madness simply because when you think of all the things that marketing encompasses today, it is madness. The industry has seen a tremendous evolution. Branding, Advertising, Sales, Marketing Research, Influencers, Digital Marketing, SEO, Product Development, Product Management, Content Marketing, Email Marketing, etc., etc., and yadda yadda yadda are all on the table and fall under today's Chief Marketing Officer's realm. In fact, it is maddening when you consider one of the latest landscape graphics by Martech showcasing what we as marketers are dealing with.

It can be downright exhausting. Yet, I look at it as being downright exhilarating.

My daily to-lists are filled with various certifications, software and books to tackle. I feel a lot like a young child at the amusement part for the first time. I want to go on every ride and see what works and what doesn't. It is a continual challenge that helps me develop my skill sets. Mind you, we are in a sea of self promoting experts and software companies who mean very well with their words and creations. Some, unfortunately, just aren't necessary. As one of the core lessons in marketing will tell us, each has a specific audience that will appreciate them more than another. Each will reap the benefits dictated by the market in time.

I look forward to another year of plowing the fields of our exciting industry with my students and embrace the lessons learned in the classroom and on campus with our Liberty University American Marketing Association Chapter members. Hold on to your hats, this is going to be another crazy ride.

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